Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sell Down Every Where ! Time to Accumulate Stock?

Just when every one is talking about Chinese New Year Rally, Regional Market has already started selling down on stock, hot money has started to wind up thier position after months of buying.

Obama's banking's reform & China's tightening of credit's growth is a excuse for Market to take profits.

BUT the facts is remained the same, low interest cost, loose monetery policies, economy recovery, Asian + 3 grow area.

A meaningful correction is a long waited opportunity to accumulate 'Under Value Stock'

Monday, January 11, 2010

Chinese New Year Rally ?

The local stock market (Bursa Malaysia) surge in the first week of 2010 has awaken up a lot of investors, bring hope to many of us for a Chinese New year Rally.

Many stock has register 20% gain just in 2 weeks time! But will this Mini Rally continue till CNY & after?

I am not so convince of a Strong Rally in local stock market.
This rally may eventually become a pre CNY rally. Come fast & Go equally fast.

It's a fact, we are not Shanghai, we are not Hong Kong, we are not Singapore.
We are a brain drain, Local Capital Outflow country!