Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The BULL Has Come Back

The market has once again showing some positive sign !

After S&P highlighted the negative prospect for the US dollar, more fund will dump the US Bond &
move to various assets class in Asia, more will go to South East Asia. ( Malaysia included )

We will see Regional & Malaysia stock market going up again ! Cheer!

Property, Plantation & Timber counter will be leading the way up,

2nd & 3rd liner, warrants & penny stock should be the best bet at this time when all blue chips counter is very much overvalued.


Samgoss said...

Hello KC,

long time didnt pay a visit over here ^_-

Bull in making ? highly possible, but one thing 4 sure, property counters esp those with single digit pe will surely shine in d coming rally .

Cheers n happy trading.

One more stuff,

I saw yr old posting of FA holding cost if one wanna 2 adopt buy n hold approach, well.... holding cost is something unavoidable if one wanna 2 make money from klse, u think those ta losers got no holding cost meh ?

know what is their "cost " , their cost is they lose out d best opportunity 2 buy @ low , example, when stock staying @ 1.00 without vol n break out, they will not call a buy until stock abc breaks 1.20 , d gap of 20cts is their holding cost oso.

Just like one ta master called 2 buy citi @ 4.88 2 months ago ( i am sure u know who I am referring 2 ? ) , we FA bugger bot citi @ 3.60+ , they ta loser called 2 buy @ 4.88 after seeing d break out, d gap of 1.28 is actually their holding cost ! see ? who says ta no holding cost ?

K..that's enuf 8 n gd 9.

KC said...

HI Sam,

Happy to see you making good profits in stock & properties as well.

KL property really ' ki siow'

Samgoss said...

Gd morning kc... mine r only 2 tiny properties , in term of value not so great buy in term of percentage, it is fantastic ! 80%+ jumped in less than 1 year !

This is a good thing of investing in real estate as compared 2 putting yr money in property counter ^_-

D different was :-

with 100 K capital, u can only buy 100K of property shares in klse .


With 100K of capital, u can buy 1 mil property with only HOUSING LOAN RATE ( which is much lower than other term loan )

Hence..when property price goes up 30% , those who put in real estate with make 300K ( 1mil x 30% )

those who put on property counters can only gain 30K out of 100k.

see d different here ?

That's y a lot of ppl get rich from property investment esp in country like HK n China.

This is d beauty of buying real estate as compared 2 shares mkt.

It is even better if u buying 4 own use, if property mkt down, stay or take it 4 own use till mkt recover, if price gone up, sell n make big profit.

Penang properties r oso doing quite well esp those in tjg tokong n bt feringgi , u shld know who r d developers there? buy their shares now, they r almost traded @ 52 weeks low, good returns 4 those who doesnt want 2 take high risk investing in real estate.

gtg liaooo

8 n hv a nice day ^V^